P1.53 Full color HD indoor cob small pixel pitch high brightness led video wall display

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P1.53 LED display screen is a representative product of small pitch LED display screens. 1.53 LED display screen prices have been very user-friendly, and the utilization rate has greatly improved. LED display screen manufacturers have also increased production to meet market demand.

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Product model  P1.53
Unit module size  320X160mm
Resolution  422626
Unit box resolution  416 * 312
Refresh frequency  ≥ 3840
LED model  SMD1212


1. High refresh, high definition

The higher the refresh rate, the better the stability of the displayed image (screen). P1.53 Full color displays have a refresh rate of ≥ 3840, and the refresh rate directly determines their price. However, due to the mutual constraints between the refresh rate and resolution, only displays with a high refresh rate at high resolution can be considered excellent in performance.

2. Easier to maintain screen scale

Due to the 16:9 ratio of the box, as long as an equal number of splices are ensured during splicing, the entire LED display screen will not deform, thereby ensuring the overall display effect. As shown in the following figure, the P1.56 small pitch LED screen can achieve a resolution effect of 1080P through 5 * 5 splicing.

3. P1.53 Display advantages of small pitch LED screens

P1.53 When displaying a small pitch LED screen, the image will not turn white like a projection, nor will there be splicing gaps like the LCD splicing screen and DLP, making the display effect of the entire screen more uniform and complete.

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The P1.53 small pitch LED screen provided by the company has stable performance and low after-sales rate. It supports on-site survey, scheme design, installation and commissioning services nationwide, and provides quality assurance and after-sales services in the later stage, comprehensively ensuring the use of users.

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