Showroom indoor P0.93 LED small pitch interactive display manufacturer

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The spacing is only 0.9 mm, which belongs to high-precision display, and its display resolution is almost the same as that of liquid crystal products。

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Product model  P0.93
Unit module size  300*168.75mm
Resolution  1137777
Unit box resolution  640*360
Refresh frequency  ≥ 3840
LED model  SMD1010

Product Introduction


1. Die cast aluminum box, front maintenance design

Die-cast aluminum box is adopted, with high design accuracy and flatness. Single person can carry it alone, saving installation time, high strength and flatness, and not easy to deform. The front maintenance design is adopted for the cabinet room.

2. Dual power redundancy backup function

Dual backup of power supply and system ensures safer and more reliable operation. The intelligent module corrects data storage and provides better stability. In the event of a failure of one power supply, it automatically switches to another power supply to ensure normal operation of the equipment.

3. Ultra silent operation

Low-noise operation, suitable for indoor standardized modules. Eagle hook locks and positioning pin structures ensure fine adjustment of front, rear, left, and right positioning, enabling seamless assembly and assembly of modules.

4. Ultra wide viewing angle

The original ultra-wide viewing angle technology, with a horizontal and vertical viewing angle of 160 °, supports point-to-point FHD/2K/4K, providing a wide field of vision and a brighter and more realistic picture.

5. Multiple installation and maintenance methods

Supports front and rear maintenance and installation, with flexible installation methods, which can be used for installation methods such as floor, wall, lifting, and internal arc. It also supports front and rear maintenance of magnetic suction modules. The upper, lower, left, and right gaps of the box can be accurately adjusted through structural components, resulting in uniform and consistent installation and splicing.

6. High refresh rate

The refresh frequency is 2880Hz~3840Hz, and the captured image is stable without ripples and black screen. This effectively solves the trailing and blurring during rapid image movement, enhances the clarity and contrast of the image, making the video image delicate and smooth, and the dynamic image display more realistic, uniform, and consistent.


Mainly used in command centers, emergency dispatching, large conference and report halls, and other occasions

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