P5 bus rear window LED display screen

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The LED screen advertisement on the rear window of a bus is actually a modern vehicle mounted outdoor media with good advertising effects.

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Pixel Pitch 5
Pixel  320 * 64pixs
Display size  1600 * 320mm
LED type SMD1415


1. Dynamic display

Advertisements can be played in formats such as text, pictures, and videos. Illustrated and dynamic full-color displays make advertisements more attractive and bring strong impact. Bus LED display advertising can comprehensively enhance the brand image and visibility of enterprises.

2. Streaming playback

Buses operate on different routes, including major business districts, business and financial districts, residential areas, stations, and other areas. Travel, home, and shopping have the opportunity to be exposed to high-frequency advertising shocks. Bus rear window LED advertising corresponds to the most active and largest consumer group in the city.

3. Effective duration of publicity

It is played continuously and repeatedly for 14 hours a day, with about 400 hours of effective promotional time per vehicle per month.

4. Groupwise nature of advertising

With the "chasing crowd" characteristic that other media do not have, the crowd and vehicles behind the bus will become the people who have the highest frequency of contact with advertising information.

5. Outstanding advertising effect

The height and position of the bus LED display advertisements match the line of sight of pedestrians, which can spread the advertising information to the audience in a close distance to achieve the maximum visual opportunity. At the same time, advertising is particularly eye-catching for motorists.

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Main advantages of LED advertising screen on bus rear window

1. High brightness LED electronic screen, GPRS wireless transmission, easy to achieve massive information on the Internet.

2. Easy return: ubiquitous outdoor mobile media. Easily recover investment within 1 year.

3. Information can be changed at any time. Information is everywhere. Buses travel in every corner of the city.

4. Size: The size can be customized.

GPRS wireless communication has good information security and high-speed.

6.The information scroll direction can be set arbitrarily.

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Bus rear window

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