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P4.81 LED floor tile screen is a LED display screen specially designed for ground display, using a high abrasion resistant resin PC mask. Placing it on the ground can not only beautify the stage, but also allow the audience to directly step on the LED floor tile screen and freely dance on it.

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Pixel spacing  4.81mm
Pixel point  112896/㎡
Average power  300
Packaging brand  SMD1415
Drive  constant current
Scanning  28 scans
Module Size 250mm x 250mm
Cabinet Weight 12KG

Intelligent Control


Module using high-quality led, high refresh control IC,

Mask is made of high-density alkaline PC material, anti-stepping, anti-scratch, anti-fire retardant,The surface is treated with frosting technology, anti-slip, anti-scratch and anti-glare. 

Use advanced gluing technology, with the sealing silicone rubber ring, perfect for dust proof and waterproof,UV-resistant technology, even after years of sunlight, can still maintain the original color,Without any screw holes, so it can be mopped and cleaned directly. 

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Strictly waterproof, IP65 protection level,Each screen strictly waterproof tested before delivery,The display is reliable and stable in a harsh environments. 

High Loading Weight,Load-bearing capacity of 2T per sqm,Can be directly stepped on, run over by cars, high staggering shoes.

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1. This led dance floor adopt high quality IC with 3840hz function for both indoor and application.  It can reach a better grey level.

2. High Load Bearing with 2T weight;

3.  Interactive led dance floor match with auto control system.   It is compatible with interactive system which is stable and reliable when on work.  It can work 48 hours without stop.

4. Fully waterproof, strong shock resistance, good slip resistance.  A single box can fine-tune the height difference between the cabinets, the mask is PC+ composite material, has anti-UV function, can be exposed to the sun directly.

5.  One-screen multi-purpose: It can be used as color brick when tiling;  it can be used as stage main screen or color screen when stacking or lifting.


Exhibition, stage, entertainment venue, hall square, party scene, etc

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