P10 LED Video Advertising Sport Fence Football Field Outdoor Stadium Perimeter Display Screen

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P10 LED stadium video screens have become an indispensable facility in world-class stadiums and gymnasiums, attracting fans to enter and enjoy the event and adding atmosphere to the scene, enabling any audience in the venue to see every detail of the game, while creating significant advertising revenue.

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Application Outdoor
Color Full color
Module Size 320mm*160mm
Pixel Pitch 8mm
Supplier Type Original manufacturer, OEM

P10 Video court screen features:

Easy to install and maintain structure

Wide viewing angle, high refresh rate, high grayscale,

Support remote monitoring

Live broadcast of the event and seamless advertising

Multiple displays on one screen, allowing different content to be played in different areas

Products with different pitch points meet the needs of different events

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The function and use of the stadium LED display

1. The broadcasting of commercial advertisements adds to the icing on the cake. The perfect picture quality and sound effects make the playing field more airy and vibrating.

2. Introduce player information and competition status. The super large and clear game live broadcast screen breaks the limitation of seats and makes it easier to watch the game from a distance.

3. Connect the penalty system, timing and scoring system, and the LED display can display the game time and score in real time.

4. The slow motion replay has become the basis for the judge to make a correct judgment, which maintains the fairness and fairness of the competition and reduces some unnecessary impacts.

5. Highlights, slow-motion playback, and close-up shots bring the audience a perfect visual feast.


Design of LED sports screen integrated with architecture to enhance the overall image Fast and high-quality service, good product quality Perfect construction process Professional technical solution implementation.

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