P2.976 indoor dance floor LED tile display screen

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P2.976 Interactive Floor Tile Screen is a floor display LED interactive floor tile screen dedicated to ground research and development. It has been specially designed and processed in terms of load-bearing, flame-retardant, protective performance, skid resistance, blunt resistance, and product performance to enable it to adapt to high intensity stepping, and to operate normally for a long time in any environment without the need to add any peripheral protective equipment, such as tempered glass, acrylic, PC board, etc., directly stepping!

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Pixel spacing  2.976mm
Pixel point  112896/㎡
Average power  300
Packaging brand  SMD1415
Drive  constant current
Scanning  28 scans


Aluminum & iron structure
good heat dissipation good weather resistance, convenient transportation.

Imported PC Protrctive Surface,High Permeability strong impact resistance, Good anti-slip effect.

strong load capacity
The center of the panel has a load-bearing pivot, with a single panel bearing more than 1.2 tons

The panel fully meet the IP65 protection requirements which is suitable for use in more environments.

strong and durable structure 1.5-2.5 Tons heavy load
Floor led screen height can be adjustable by four nuts
The bracket makes led screen not slip when you walk on it

Moisture-proof and anti-skid
The bottom shell, mask, power line, and signal line of the indoor LED floor tile screen module of Deliangshi are specially designed and equipped with waterproof and moisture-proof materials. They are made of raw materials with low moisture absorption coefficient. After multiple sealing treatments, they have good waterproof and moisture-proof functions. The front and rear of the box can reach the waterproof level of IP65.

optidur NC
Deliangshi LED intelligent interactive tile screen mask is made of imported PC material, with high wear resistance, flexibility, and good resistance to high and low temperatures. Designed according to mechanical principles, the Deliangshi mask has good wear resistance and load-bearing functions.

Super load-bearing
According to different mechanical designs, each component of the Deliangshi LED intelligent interactive tile screen can have an ultimate bearing capacity of up to 2 tons per square meter.

Interactive customization
The Deliangshi LED intelligent interactive tile screen can have built-in sensors, and use the udp protocol to create interactive materials according to the interactive protocol. Each square meter box screen can have 128 sensor chips built-in, with a small density, enabling multi-person interaction and point-to-point interaction.


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