P1.86mm LED Small Pixel Pitch Screen Display Indoor Wall Seamless Spacing Panel

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As a new type of terminal display device, P1.86LED small-pitch display is because of its thinness, light weight, low energy consumption, long life, non-radiation practicability, high-definition, high-brightness high-quality display screen and easy installation,The use performance not limited by space makes it suitable for use in many fields.

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Product model  P1.86
Unit module size  320X160mm
Resolution  289000
Unit box resolution  344*258
Refresh frequency  ≥ 3840
LED model  SMD1515

P1.86 high-definition led small-pitch display product features

1. No stitching, ultra-wide viewing angle, perfect display at any angle

2. Intelligent brightness adjustment, automatic adaptation to the environment, long-term viewing without fatigue

3. Ultra-high refresh display, fast frame change speed, eliminating ghosting and no tailing

4. The display unit is flexible and compact, and the surface splicing is smooth

5. Low-brightness and high-gray lossless technology to solve industry problems

6.Precision control technology eliminates bright and dark lines to ensure a flat and seamless screen.


Deliangshi small pitch LED display P1.86 Features

1. Strong stability, using high-quality components and sophisticated processing technology, effectively reducing the dead light rate. Power signal dual backup system ensures long-term stable operation and supports 7 * 24 hour uninterrupted work.

2. Low brightness and high gray. When the brightness drops to 20%, it still presents a perfect grayscale performance, with excellent display consistency. The grayscale performance of the display screen at low brightness is almost perfect, and its display has a higher sense of hierarchy and brightness than traditional displays.

3. High contrast, using high-quality black light and corrugated light absorbing sub black mask, the image is clear and sharp, with bright and colorful colors.

4. Good consistency, high-strength structural fine tuning technology, achieving seamless splicing of the entire screen. Eliminate bright and dark lines through fine tuning. Point by point correction technology, full screen brightness, chroma consistency, and uniformity.

5. High refresh rate, HD high-definition camera shooting images without stripes.

6. Low reflectivity, using a black fog lamp and corrugated light absorbing mask, it reflects less light in a bright environment, and the image is still clearly visible.

7. Ultra wide viewing angle, LED screen viewing angle reaches 160 °, and the images from all angles are uniform, clear, and natural.

8. Intelligent brightness adjustment, automatically adapting to photosensitive adjustment devices, does not affect the display screen due to ambient light.


Any module can be maintained from the front, making maintenance faster and more convenient; The maintenance speed is more than 5 times faster than traditional products, with stable operation and low failure rate. Dual backup of power and signal ensures long-term stable operation, and supports 7 * 24 hour uninterrupted work.

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