P3.91 LED interactive tile display screen for indoor shopping malls

Short Description:

P3.91 Interactive Floor Tile Screen is a floor display LED interactive floor tile screen dedicated to ground research and development. It has been specially designed and processed in terms of load-bearing, flame-retardant, protective performance, skid resistance, blunt resistance, and product performance to enable it to adapt to high intensity stepping, and to operate normally for a long time in any environment without the need to add any peripheral protective equipment, such as tempered glass, acrylic, PC board, etc.

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Pixel spacing  3.91mm
Pixel point  65536/㎡
Average power  280
Packaging brand  SMD1415
Drive  constant current
Scanning  32 scans
Brightness 1500cd/㎡

Intelligent Control

VAVA (1)

The LED lamp are treated with advanced gluing technology, also the modules are covered by dedicated PC. It is strength,anti-scratch,anti-skidding. 

IP65 waterproof suitable for a variety of environments. 

VAVA (3)

High-strength wear-resistant and non-slop;Strong impact resistance;Large bearing capacity of 2t;

People can move, bounce and dance free above the LED screen.

Supports intelligent interactive function, people can interact with the dance floor led display, enhance the interestingness, reach high realistic immersive scene experience.

VAVA (4)

Features of P3.91 the floor tile screen:

1. Guide rail installation: flexible method, without any tool assistance, faster and smoother

2. Load bearing performance: Solid aluminum plate material structure design, lighter weight, stronger load bearing, 2.0T/m

3. High safety performance: IP67 protection level

4. Heat dissipation function: aluminum alloy box, rapid heat dissipation

5. High contrast: patented technology mask, higher picture contrast, and clear playback effect

6. High quality technology: The aluminum box structure is light, thin, and dense, providing greater space for creativity

7. Box thickness: The thickness of the screen surface is ≈ 8cm, which can be adjusted from 13-20cm after installation

8. Ultra wide viewing angle: 140 °, full viewing angle, excellent visual experience, high brush and ultra clear, clear and natural display colors, without dazzling

9. Playback: The computer synchronizes point-to-point playback, and allows arbitrary switching of images and videos.

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