3D Sphere Led Round DJ Irregular Ball Shape P2.5 P3 Soft Custom Led Display Screen

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LED Spherical screen is a creative LED spherical display screen with multiple display splits, telescopic heteromorphic display, uniform technology display screen with high definition and no distortion, which is of great advertising value.

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PIxel Pitch P3mm,P4mm,P5mm
Resolution  192 * 192mm
Module size  512 * 512mm
Refresh Rate  > 2880 Hz
Average Power Consumption 190W /panel
Brightness  1000 nits
Lifespan  ≥100,000 Hours
Work temperature  0 ~ 40˚C


 1. Customized:Can be customized required as any sizes and any pixel pitches.

 2. Application: For indoor. ​

 3.  Installation: Support hanging installation, stand on ground or mobile using. ​

 4.  Viewing angle:Perfect viewing angle with 360 degree. ​

 5.  Controlling:Both synchronous and asynchronous control way is available for LED balls.

6. Effect:The creative appearance and wonderful showing effect attracts most attention during the usage.

​7. Structure:Aluminum material structure which lighter weighs and better for heat dissipation.

​8. Design:Special PCB design which can make sure the showing picture distortion less.

​9. Maintain:Support front and rear maintenance.

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1. The soft module has good flexibility and can be bent at multiple angles and radians;

2. Meet personalized design, use a variety of complex environments, and better visual brightness;

3. After 24 hours of high and low temperature test, no degumming and no warping;

4. The soft shell eliminates static electricity, the magnet is completely hollow, the magnetic force is large, and the flatness is high.

There are also many derivatives of LED spherical screens, such as retractable LED spherical screens and LED hemispherical displays. In terms of appearance, it can strongly attract the audience's attention. It can be played in any area, and can be expanded and expanded synchronously and asynchronously. It can enjoy the vision in 360 degrees, and bring people's visual shock.

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It is mainly used in museums, science and technology museums, enterprise exhibition halls, exhibition halls, outdoor spherical video ads, spherical lighting projects and other places. The spherical LED display can not only play video ads, brand publicity, but also do decorative lighting.

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