P2.6 High Brightness Window Glass Curtain Transparent Led screen Display

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P2.6 Transparent LED display screens have made targeted improvements to the chip manufacturing process, lamp bead packaging, and control system, as well as a hollow out design structure, which reduces the obstruction of structural components to the line of sight and greatly improves the perspective effect. The novel display effect has expanded the application layout of LED transparent display screens to the two major markets of architectural glass curtain walls and commercial retail display windows, becoming a new trend in the development of new media.

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LED Configuration SMD1921
Pixel Pitch 2.6mm
Cabinet Dimension 500(W)×1000(H)mm
Cabinet Weight 12kg
Pixel Density 32768dots/m2
Best viewing distance 5-250m
White Balance Brightness ≥2500 adjustable(cd/m2)

P2.6 Transparent screen features


Transparent LED display screen is a kind of ultra transparent LED display screen technology, which has a transmittance of 70% to 95%, and the panel thickness is only 10mm. The LED unit panel can be installed from behind the glass tightly against the glass. The unit size can be customized according to the glass size, which has a small impact on the lighting perspective of the glass curtain wall, and is convenient for installation and maintenance.

Transparent LED display screens, with their lightweight, no steel frame structure, easy installation and maintenance, and good permeability, can easily strike a chord with glass curtain walls. Not only is there no sense of conflict when applied to glass curtain walls, but also because of its fashion, beauty, modernity, and scientific and technological atmosphere, adding a special aesthetic feeling to urban buildings.

Scope of application

Stage and dance beauty, large shopping malls, chain stores, science and technology museums, glass windows, construction media, etc

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