P2.5 media advertising screen Naked eye 3d display screen

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Naked eye 3D display screens utilize the parallax characteristics of the human eyes to obtain a realistic stereoscopic image display system with space and depth without the need for any auxiliary equipment (such as 3D glasses, helmets, etc.).

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Pixel Pitch 2.5mm
Pixel Density/㎡ 160,000
Package mode SMD1415
Module size 160*160mm
Module resolution 64*64
Panel size 640*640mm



Advantages of naked eye 3D display

1. You can view 3D stereoscopic images without any auxiliary equipment, freeing yourself from the shackles of glasses;

2. The horizontal viewing angle has reached 120 degrees, with the ability to view multiple points;

3. There is no requirement for ambient light, with high brightness, suitable for three-dimensional display in various places;

4. Specialized algorithms can effectively remove moire marks, allowing both eyes to receive video images without obstacles, with high definition;

5. The visual depth is large, up to 4-1.5 meters;

6. It has a wide range of applications and is suitable for all places of user image display and user experience, especially for applications on portable devices.

Product Introduction


1. Full viewing angle, no double shadow and no dizziness;

2. Ultra thin 4K HD display for clearer images;

3. Cylindrical mirror grating technology, with a screen output of 0.5-2 meters;


Advertising media, museums, science and technology museums, exhibitions, bars, dance halls, KTV, clubs, restaurants, beauty salons, cinemas, fitness venues, etc.

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